भारतीय भाषा दिवस: Culinary Competition

Report of Culinary Competition

Bharatiya Swad

A Collaborative activity was organized by Department of Hindi and Department of Home Science on the Occasion of Bhartiya Hindi Diwas Celebration, on: 03-12-2022 at 10:00 am to 12:30 noon. The title of the activity was Bhartiya Swad. The details of Event:

Name of the Event: Bhartiya swad

Date: 3.12.2022

Total Number Students: 21 Students

Culinary competition was organized and initial Instructions were circulated to the student:

All participants are requested to register latest by: 29-11-2022, by Google link. One team must comprise of 2-3 participants. Each group has to prepare and serve (at appropriate temperature) Beverage, savoury (main dish). Main course dish along with an accompaniment.

The participants are supposed to prepare and serve 3 portion sizes of the prepared dish. The participants are required to bring all the ingredients, crockery, cutlery and other display material like table cover, mats and cloth napkins on their own. Separate crockery and cutlery should be arranged for judges. Display must comprise of a small-sized menu card mentioning the name of the dish and the calorie content per serving.

Decoration of the display area and selection of the menu items should be according to the theme i.e. Bhartiya Swad”. You can select a particular cuisine and all preparation should be from the same cuisine. All the pre-preparation like cutting, chopping, boiling, baking, steaming, kneading can be done in advance from home. Only assembling of the dish and basic cooking can be done in the cookery laboratories (A-301 and C-305). Participants can start preparation of the recipe from 10:00 am onwards. The Time limit for preparation and display of recipes is 2 hours therefore it is expected that the display of the recipe should be completed by 12:30.

Students are expected to dress up themselves in Traditional Attire as per the state they are representing.

·         Evaluation of the participant was be done on the basis of

Ø  Selection of the Recipe.

Ø  Presentation/ Display.

Ø  Taste and portion size.

Ø  Attire of Participant.

No student was be allowed without cooking gears – Apron/lab coat and head scarf. For reheating of the dishes, microwave oven can be provided but one has to get her own microwave proof dishes. No students will be allowed to enter in lab after 10:30 am. 1st and 2nd position participants will get certificate and prize. The students participated very enthusiastically in above event. They presdnted their dishes in different themes like Rajasthani, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Goan, Bihari etc. They even dressed up in the displayed theme the entire presentation was appreciated by our Chancellor, Vice Chancellor and Registrar of the University. The judges for the event were

·         Prof Radha Kashyap Head Department of Fashion and Textile Technology

·         Dr Pragya Sinha, Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry

The Judgement was done on the basis of Selection of theme, taste of the recipe, display of recipe. The Results of the event were:


Team No.

Name of the students




Gargi Pawar

MSc.(Home Sc.) III

Prakriti Sharma

MSc.(Home Sc.) III

Aanchal Deidanka

MSc.(Home Sc.) III



Amisha Gandhi

MSc.(Home Sc.) III

Neetu Arora

MSc.(Home Sc.) III

Neha Sogani

MSc.(Home Sc.) III




MSc.(Home Sc.) III

Tanu Gupta

MSc.(Home Sc.) III



Komal Hirawat

B.Com (H) I

Yashasvi S Sharma

B.Com (P) I

Niharika Sharma




Pranjal Kumat

MSc.(Home Sc.) I

Rashika Pareek

MSc.(Home Sc.) I

Sukhpal Soni

MSc.(Home Sc.) I



Yagya Sharma

MSc.(Home Sc.) III

Shalini Kumari

MSc.(Home Sc.) III

Shruti Singh

MSc.(Home Sc.) III

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Dr. Swati Vyas Ramani                                                     Dr. Neha Singhi

Head, Dept. of Home Science                                          Head, Dept. of Hindi